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Adoption Application

Adoption Terms:

1.  I understand that the animal is being transferred to me.  I am taking possession of the animal to care for, and be responsible for it as my own pet.

2.  I will provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter and kind treatment for my animal at all times. The animal will be treated as a family member, with loving care and affection.  I will do my best to ensure the animal's safety and well-being.

3.  I will not have the animal attack-trained, nor will I use it for any purpose other than companionship.  I will not allow the animal to be used for purposes of fighting, vivisection or experimentation.

4.  I agree that I will not sell or give the animal to a second party for any reason.  If for any reason I become unable to care for this pet, I will relinquish it back to the Sabine Humane Society.

5.  I understand that if the animal is old enough (6 months) it will be spayed or neutered before I take possession of it.

6. I understand that I am financially responsible for the veterinary care of this animal.  I will ensure that all preventative care such as heart worm prevention, flean and tick prevention, vaccinations etc are provided for this animal.

7. I will provide and maintain proper restraing to insure that my pet does not become a public nuisance.  I understand that I am responsible for any damages or claims made against my animal.

8. I agree to provide the animal with a collar and current rabies tag which is to be worn at all times. Free collars with brass ID Plates can be obtained at Family Farm & Garden.

9. I affirm that no member of my household has been convicted of an animal welfare law violation such as neglect, cruelty or abandonment.

10. The Sabine Humane Society may make inquiry about and enforce any of the above conditions and requirements at any time.  This may include home visits and contact with my veterinarian.  I understand that failure to comply with these terms and provisions will result in the forfeiture of the animal back to the Sabine Humane Society.

Adoption Fees

Dogs $80.00

Cats $50.00

Horses $250.00


Cat and Dog fees include the cost of a spay/neuter and a rabies vaccination.