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You don’t need to be a member of law enforcement to fight animal cruelty – all you need is the courage to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves!
The Sabine Humane Society works with the Sabine Parish Sheriff's Department to investigate complaints of alleged animal abuse and neglect. If you believe you have witnessed animal cruelty, it is important to document all the details of what you have seen and report it to the appropriate enforcement agency.

Common signs of animal cruelty include:

   Sores, cuts, bruises or nicks on the animal’s body
    Animal has bruising, bleeding or other apparent injury to his/her anus and/or genital regions
    Patches of missing fur
    Tick or flea infestation
    Extremely thin body
    Limping/inability to walk
    Witnessing an owner hitting or beating an animal
    Animals repeatedly left alone outside without food, water or shelter
    Animals kept outside during extreme heat, cold, rain, snow, etc. with no shelter
    A house with an excessive amount of animals
    Cowering in fear or acting aggressively (especially when approached by the owner)
    Pets left in parked cars during hot weather
    Owners yelling or threatening physical harm to animals

When you witness animal cruelty occurring, document as many details as you can. When you are recording details, think about recording the who, what, where and when.
     Who: the owners of the animal or anyone who may have also witnessed anything relating to the animal
     What: details about the abuse you witnessed, describe injuries in detail and the animal’s living conditions
     Where: address of the animal’s location and where the animal is located on the property
     When: the time and date of your observations, weather conditions and how long the animal has been living in the condition you are concerned about
If you can, document the abuse with photos or video. Find other witnesses and get their information and account of abuse.

Please use the form below to submit your report via email. We require a name and valid phone number in order to investigate any reports of alleged abuse or neglect. Rest assured that the Sabine Humane Society respects your privacy, and your report will be kept completely anonymous.

If you prefer to make an abuse report by phone, please contact us at 318-256-2275.

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