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Critical Placement

Membership Drive

Help support the Sabine Humane Society by becoming a member today!

Simply click the link to the Membership Application, print it off, or copy the information onto a piece of paper, include your check and drop it off to us or send it by mail!


We encourage everyone to think outside the box when trying to find that new family member.  Focus less on size, appearances,breed mix etc and instead search for the ones with the right personality and energy level to fit your lifestyle.  Sometimes, the best dog for you is the one you least expect it to be.  Ask the shelter staff to help you.

Calling All Writers & Photographers!!

Are you a budding author or up-and-coming photographer? How about you just have some cute or silly stories about your favorite pet?  We are looking for you! Tell us about your four-footed friend, his/her antics, heroics or just how they seem to know when you need a head to pat.

 You can submit your story anonymously or take credit. You can also submit a picture with your story.

The Sabine Humane Society Shelter loves hearing and getting pictures of their former rescued animals.  Maybe a 'Then and Now' picture or just a 'Now" photo. Many thanks to our adopters for making room in their hearts for our loved ones.  They enrich your lives as much as you do theirs.

For more information, and the online submission form, please click here.

rescues.jpgThe picture are 2 of Sabine Humane Shelter’s former rescues that went to Cody’s Friends Rescue in Texas. Ouisi and Roux were adopted awhile back and are living it “large” in Texas now. They love their walks, chasing squirrels and tennis balls, and snuggling with their owner in bed, but not the biggest fans of baths. Ouisi and Roux hit the “jack pot”. They are adored by their owner. The Sabine Humane Shelter loves hearing and getting pictures of their former rescued animals. Many thanks to all of adopters for making room in your hearts for our loved ones. They enrich your lives as much as you do theirs.

Spay/Neuter Assistance Program

If you need help covering the cost of a spay/neuter and live in Sabine Parish, a voucher program is in place to assist. There are a set number available each month. To apply, please follow the directions below.

On the first of each month, no earlier than 8 am, call 318-645-7156. Please leave your name and phone number. Someone will return your call. If approved, the program will cover 50% of the cost, unless you are on medicare or medicaid, then 100% of the cost will be covered. (you cannot use your child's eligibility to qualify)

Monthly Meeting

The Sabine Humane Society Board of Directors meeting is held each month on the 4th Wednesday at 5:00 PM at the Many City Hall. This meeting is open to the public.


Current Needs

Towels,Fleece blankets (not filled), Clorox wipes, bleach, Lysol Spray,Febreeze Pet Odor Eliminator liquid, Gallon storage bags, Milk Bone Dog treats and Cat Treats.


Please bring your donations to the shelter during regular business hours.


Please use the convenient PayPal button below to make your contributions to the Sabine Humane Society. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this safe and secure method of donation. Any amount helps, so please give today!

Please consider making your Charitable Contribution to the Sabine Humane Society! You can also support the Sabine Humane Society through the Amazon Smile Program!