The Shelter is an “open door” facility and will never turn away an animal in need. For more information on surrendering a pet, please go to this page.
The Shelter accepts both stray and owned animals.
We do not accept animals from outside Sabine Parish.
Because the Shelter is an “open door” facility, we sometimes have to euthanize animals for medical, behavioral, or space reasons. We work very hard to make sure each animal has a chance and work with local and national rescue groups to help place animals in “furever homes”. As a result, our euthanasia rates are lower than the national average.
We do not have a set period of time that we hold an animal. In the past we have been able to keep animals for multiple months until they find a loving furever home. For stray animals bearing identification, we hold them for 6 business days to allow their owners time to pick them up. We typically hold unidentified strays for 3 business days before making them available for adoption.
The adoption fee for dogs is $50 and $40 for cats which includes the cost of the spay or neuter surgery, rabies vaccination, microchipping, and basic vaccination and deworming. Senior dogs or cats (8yrs and over) there is no fee. Person 65 and older will not be charged an adoption fee for a dog or cat. A person with a Military ID will not be charged an adoption fee for a dog or cat. The adoption fee for horses is $250, which includes the cost of a Coggins test, vaccination and microchipping. The adoption fee for donkeys and mules is $75, which includes the cost of a Coggins test, vaccination and microchipping.
We are happy to adopt to people living out of town or out of state. The Shelter wants to place each animal into a loving forever home regardless of where it is located. Horses do require a health certificate from a veterinarian in order to cross state lines, so we do require that the adopter pay the cost of that when adopting a horse from out of state. Additionally, there may be a delay when adopting a horse from out of state because we require a home inspection or vet reference for all horse adoptions.
For dogs we strongly prefer a fenced in yard. However, requiring a fenced in yard is taken on a case by case basis depending on the dog and the potential adopter. We do require a fenced in area as well as an appropriate shelter in order to adopt a horse or donkey. We do not allow horses or donkeys adopted from the Shelter to go to homes where they will live on a tie out.
For cats and dogs we require that any animals you currently own be up to date on their vaccinations and heartworm preventative. We do check vet references. Heartworm positive dogs must be treated at the expense of the adopter. For horses we require either a veterinary reference or a site inspection.
The animal shelter does not employ any animal control officers. The City of Many employs an animal control officer that is authorized to pick up stray animals within Many city limits. If you live within Many city limits you may call the Shelter to have Many Animal Control come pick up the animal. However, if you live outside the city of Many you will need to call the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Department or your local police department to come get the animal.
At this time we offer a limited number of vouchers per month for public spay/neuter surgeries. Please visit our Home page for more information on our Spay/Neuter Assistance Program.
You may call the Shelter at 318-256-2275 to report possible neglect or abuse, or report in person at the shelter, or use the form under the tab How You Can Help.
Contact the Shelter at 318-256-2275 or come by the shelter in person. You can visit the Volunteer page for more details about our current volunteering needs. We are always eager to accommodate volunteers!